• 1988
    Was established in Taiwan Taipei
  • 1991
    Build full production manufacturing
  • 1990
    FPM products into mass production
  • 1992
    SDRAM products into mass production
  • 1995
    DDR products into mass production
  • 2000
    DDR2 products into mass production
  • 2005
    Zhuhai plant officially joined the mass production
  • 2007
    DDR3 into mass production
  • 2008
    R&D success SSD related products and mass production


Hsien Jinn founded in 1988 is a professional PCB manufacturer in Taiwan. The most representative products focus on Memory Module series. Currently Hsien Jinn had established second factory in 2005 of Zhu-Hai, China and have invested in expert manufacturing of 4~12 layers PCB that providing monthly production capacity up to 350,000 square feet. he total consistent operation from professional manufacturing, quality control to sales marketing provides global customers’ needs.ur sincere service and rigid quality control system are your best cooperative partner who can be trusted and counted on.

Antenna Assembly Line

2D/3D Chamber

2D/3D Chamber